Shelly Pulse: The Viewer: River of Consciousness (Artikelnummer: ISBN-13: 978-1515299172)

Rachel McConnell learned from an early age to keep her psychic gift to herself. It usually spelled trouble. Her hippie father was amused by his talented child while they led a nomadic life in Oregon. Rachel's ESP simply annoyed her mother who saw it as an invasion of one’s privacy. Close to graduation from college, she drew unwanted attention when a Professor challenged her to demonstrate her skill in class. Rachel had no idea how this singular event would draw such fame; especially to one particular thug who decided her ability would improve the odds of him winning a high-stakes poker tournament. She would later discover how this experience would impact the lives of those whom she loved in this lifetime... and others. This is the first in a series of five books following the adventures of Rachel McConnell, gifted psychic, on this planet, at this time. I look forward to sharing with you in future editions what happens to Rachel as she must travel in time and space to fulfill her purpose: To find lost love and use her skills to help others the way only she can.


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